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Strawberry Cold Laser

Lay back and relax while cold laser technology helps to drain stored fat from your body

The Strawberry Cold Laser realeases a low-level laser energy that causes the cell membranes to change shape, and the stored fat is released. It is the perfect treatment to help reduce cellulite and really get that body you dream of. Its a completely safe procedure, it causes no pain or discomfort during the treatment, or after.

Ultrasonic Cavitation

Get your curves in shape with the fastest & most powerful system on the European market

Also known as cosmetic lipsuction, Ultrasonic Cavitation is the beauty treatment that replaces liposuction, without the operating room. This ultrasound technique transforms your shape, it can be applied throughout the body; no matter the thickness or density of the area. The effects of this treatment include significant reductions, often with visible results after the first session.

It works by melting the fat in a localised area, helping even the most difficult and stubborn areas. The treatment is totally painless, the body uses the lymphatic system to drain the liquefied fat long after your session.

Booty Boost

Vacuum therapy. Get the booty results you've dreamed of without surgery

Body Boost Clinic now offers a natural butt lift! This is done by lymphatic stimulation massage and application of 2 big cups on buttocks, which gradually lift and pump the buttocks.

Vacuum suction cup therapy can enlarge and tone your buttocks in a matter of weeks. The procedure involves two suction cups being attached to each buttock for 50 minutes. In just a few sessions you will start to see the results: a plumper, firmer, and larger butt. This procedure also promotes blood circulation, clearance of toxins, and removes cellulite and clumpy fatty deposits.

The cupping butt lift treatment helps get rid of stagnate blood in the body, lifting connective tissue and this helps reduce the appearance of cellulite and help the blood flow, making the skin look and feel better.

Magic Cryo

Refreshing body contouring technology to help you achieve that great figure you've always wanted

The procedure uses a targeted cooling process that kills the fat cells underneath the skin, literally freezing them to the point of elimination. Only fat cells are frozen. Once crystallized, the fat cells die and are naturally eliminated from your body. Each Magic Cryo procedure results in average 25% - 32% reduce fat cells in the covered area. A special applicator cup is placed on the fatty area and use gentle vacuum to deliver a cooling technique.

We know it can be frustrating to try and fit exercise or juggle expensive and exhausting diets into an already ever-busy schedule. It is a non-invasive technique for improving body contour, offering a refreshing solution to get you that great figure you've dreamed of!

Radio Frequency

Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles without the hassle of a surgical face lift

Radio Frequency is a hot new trend in non-surgical face lifts, and is fast becoming a popular technique for people who are not yet ready for a "full" face lift. The deep heating of Radio Frequency helps tighten skin, while also stimulating the formation of new collagen.
It also cools the epidermis, which keeps the surface of your skin safe during the procedure. Your skin needs no recovery time and you can quickly resume your daily routine.

These effects start immediately and continue in the months following the treatment. Benefits Of Radio Frequency Treatment:

  • Face and Neck Lifting & Remodelling
  • Tightening and lifting flaccid areas of the face
  • Reduces wrinkles / Lift Sagging Skin
  • Enhances luminosity of the skin
  • Body remodelling
  • Cellulite Treatment and skin partial reconstruction
  • Increase Collagen Level
  • Tightening loose skin


Czech patented technology that breaks down fat cells while providing a relaxing massage at the same time

Rolletic is a revolutionary machine that massages the body and helps to reduce fat and cellulite. With a few easy steps, the body is shaped, muscle tension is eased, blood circulation and skin nutrition is improved. The treatment consists of 12 exercises that target specific areas of the body.

Rolletic' s massage stimulates acupressure paths which regulate physiological processes, such as digestion and breathing. It can promote blood and lymph circulation, which helps renew the balance of hormones and the nervous system.

Lymphatic Drainage

Revive your body's lymph system, which cleanses the body pf accumulated toxins and pollutants

Lymphatic Drainage therapy, treated using a Lymfoven machine, can remove blockages in the lymph system and restore proper lymph flow.

A revived lymph system cleanses the body of accumulated toxins and pollutants, it can also help balance the nervous system, reduce stress and increase the body’s ability to relax. It is recommended to those who suffer from "heavy legs" or have general circulatory problems. Since the body’s lymphatic system has no pump the lymph fluid must rely on the movement of muscles, the diaphragm, and artery pulsations in order to circulate properly.
It works by massaging up and down your legs, helping to get the system flowing again.

Lymph Drainage help in lots of areas, here's just a few:

  • non-infected inflammatory conditions (e.g. sprains and strains)
  • dermatological conditions
  • circulatory disturbances
  • sports injuries
  • burns
  • pre & post plastic surgery
  • weight loss

Your therapist can explain how this fantastic system can help you!

Ionic Body Detox

Amazing hydrotherapy technology that provides a stress-free way to detoxify your whole body

The ionic body detoxification and cleanse foot spa is a hydrotherapy system designed for increased health and wellbeing, it detoxifies the whole body while you sit back and relax.

How it works? It works by bathing feet in warm water, which has concentrated negatively charged aqua ions that are generated by the ionization of water molecules. A small electric current combined with a special ionic unit generates positive and negative ions, which flow within the water. The negative ions attach themselves to oppositely charged toxins and tissue acid wastes, and then draw the toxins and waste out of the body through the pores of the feet. During the course of the foot spa session, the water will most likely change colour due to a number of different factors. Some of which being the toxins being released from your body.

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